Special Teams Spotlight: What in the Hell was This?

The Montreal Canadiens are struggling right now, there's no doubt. And with losses, comes a lack of confidence and timing. But there are things that can counteract a lack of confidence and timing, like diligent preparation, fervent repetition, and the confidence that comes from knowing exactly where somebody is going to be at a certain time.

None of that was present on this neutral zone regroup attempt from the Canadiens, who seemed reluctant to retreat into their own zone for a full regroup, but also unsure what to do in the caged box that they make the Neutral Zone into. 

For reference, this regroup attempt, which ended in a weak tip-in and a subsequent clear, took 22 seconds. The average full-length regroup, from the time the puck leaves the offensive zone to the time it re-enters, including any shorthanded chances that may occur, takes 16 seconds.

Safe to say, whatever the Canadiens were trying here, it didn't work.