A Note To Readers

This past Monday marked four weeks since the debut of nhlspecialteams.com, with content five days every week.

Unfortunately, thanks to NHL.tv difficulties and my trip to the Panthers Analytics Conference, my tracking has fallen behind. As a result, I have decided to slow the pace a little bit in terms of posting. For those who have complained about how much there has been to read, this means some time to catch up. I will likely be going to three posts per week from here on in.

A couple of other notes about the site. First of all, the time commitment that it takes to post daily has meant that my more in-depth statistical work has been on the back-burner, but I will be spending more time from here on out trying to craft metrics to better evaluate power plays. Secondly, I've had people ask for more penalty kill insight. Unfortunately, most of my writing will continue to be about power plays, because a) The sample sizes of data I have for individual team PKs is much smaller, b) My theory is that overall power plays can impose their will if done right more so than penalty kills, and c) I just find power plays more interesting, and have a million studies I would like to get to. There will be some PK stuff later on, but only once I'm comfortable with the sample sizes I have.

Finally, I want to thank everybody who has given me feedback, good and bad, it really is much appreciated, and has helped the site to evolve. I'm open to all suggestions and obviously love to talk special teams. My email is arikparnass@gmail.com; feel free to reach out anytime.