Special Teams Spotlight: Lightning Strikes Two Men Up

I have written a number of times about the concept of "structured creativity," and much of that revolves around player handedness. I love player rotation, but only to the extent that it still allows for quick one-touch passing and one-time shots. Watch the following play carefully and see how disoriented the Tampa Bay Lightning rotation made the Pittsburgh Penguins. Note also though how this play falls apart basically if any guy is on his strong side, whether because he wouldn't be able to one-touch the pass or wouldn't draw the defender for fear of a shot.

I'm all for power play creativity and set plays, as I've written before, but they had better be well thought out and rehearsed. This was a clinical finish for a Lightning power play that hasn't had much power play success the last few years despite a barrel of weapons. More stuff like this, even at 5-on-4, could make a serious difference